My Family Tree or the Flow Chart that Goes On and On…..

My family tree is pretty crazy. Brothers from another Father. Sisters from another Mother. Brothers from another Mother. Sister’s from another Father. Step’s galore. In-laws and Outlaws. Uncles that are my age. First Cousins my kid’s age. A sister that is a year older than my daughter. Blood. Half-blood, but not Muggle’s – my son likes to call them Point Five O.  No blood at all, but I love as if your blood ran through mine. The family that I see regularly, and the family that I only see or have only met on Facebook. Some may not think they are a part of me, but they are because they are attached to me in some crazy way. It’s hard to get together with everyone, especially when our lives take different paths. We all are so different, but I’m sure we are more alike than we will ever know. I’m blessed that each of them has crossed my path for a short time, a continues time, and maybe time to come. With each of them, I would have not lived and loved fully. I love each and every one of them. And am glad they are my family. I always win at the crazy family tree. If I had to draw it, the flow chart would reach across the state of Colorado. Okay, maybe not but it would be cool if it did.

Why Diversity Matters

Without diversity, I would not have the friends I’ve been blessed with. Without diversity, I would not have my son. Without diversity, I would not have my niece. Without diversity, I would not have had an extended family that helped me raise my children. Without diversity, I wouldn’t know how to make tamales – food is very important. I weave the friendships I have into my stories because I don’t know any different.  We are a mixture of different worlds that should be celebrated.





Me after PPWC 2014

I’m going to write. I’m going to write. Do I blog? Do I tweet? Do I let FB suck me in? Or do I look at the pictures of my kids they post on social media? What I should do is send out queries for my finished manuscript and edit the other in progress. That is too frightening. So instead, I start a blog. A random blog that I will post my work, because this way I may get over my fears.  And learn how to blog. Maybe I’ll just go feed the dogs. Or sleep. Sleep is always good.