In Print is Scary!


I’m a self-published author. Did I take the easy way out? I don’t think so. I sent several drafts of really crappy manuscripts to agents and editors that were rejected – rightfully so I might ad. One time I even sent a note to Kristin Nelson telling her that I was the cool mom with rules. Who says that kind of shit?


I may be that mom but you don’t say that crap out loud. My poor kids had to deal with it their entire teenage years and then I put it in writing- to an agent!


When I finally game to my senses I did the following:

  1. Had teen’s reed my work. One told she couldn’t get through page two while the other loved my story. I cut several chapters and kept writing
  2. Paid an editor to read the first three pages. She told me I could write but I needed to join a critique group
  3. Joined a critique group who helped me with my craft. I mean they really helped me. They told me what was wrong
  4. I edited, edited and then edited some more
  5. Had my book professionally edited and cover work done
  6. More edits
  7. Published
  8. Had my book club read my book
  9. More edits
  10. Fixed my cover (Next time I will listen to my editor to begin with)

There is a ton more but I hope you get the drift.

The scariest part for me is putting it out there on social media for my family and friends to see.

The adults.

The kids and the amazing teens don’t scare me. They are brutally honest but they do not judge. Not like adults do. Now I have to market. All I can say is that I’m grateful that I only have to market to the cool kids because all of you grown up scare the bejesus out of me.