Gotta Have a Place to Write


My room is almost done, only the trim and the curtains to go. I love this space. It’s full of me: My faith, my family, and my favorite things. There is a little piece of almost every part of my life from birth until now. Some things are transparent to who I am or where I have been, while other things hold meaning only I would know. Regardless of what people think they know about me, or who they think I should be, in my room I get to be just me.

Every person deserves respect.

10534515_10152622612902491_3040825249818239639_n10525920_10152622483022491_347047517824040000_nI can’t believe my baby is married. I’m so proud. She married her best friend. That’s a pretty cool thing. He loves her and treats her like a princess. While I know that married life will not always be easy, she found the person who will love and respect her. Every person deserves respect. She loves this man and knows his worth as well. And that my friends, makes a relationship flourish.