About me…

MERZ (13) a Shit Happens! Shit happens, you kick dirt over it and move on. Life always gets better. If you let it.

High school for me was bad hair days or french braids to control the frizz. I hung out with the cowboys because – well, they had trucks and they looked great in their jeans. Some days I want to go back, but to change the past would deny me of what I love most:

My amazing husband who I married in  2000. My husband is one of my best friends.  He stands beside me in all of my crazy and I have crazy. We have four dogs, only one of them is mine. I basically stole her from my son. She is a Boston Poodle Mix. She is a Bitch. She is my favorite dog. They are all rescues from Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue. #adoptdontshop – Really.
My amazing beautiful daughter who is now married to a wonderful man . Becoming friends with my daughter has been the most incredible experience. I am so proud of who she has become. She lives in Oregon which is hard, but it’s so cool to watch her grow. She made me a Nana to the most beautiful girl in the world. That child has stole my heart. My grand baby girl is my favorite human in the universe.
My amazing handsome son. He is one of the funniest people I know. He makes me proud because he accepts everyone just the way they are. He has taught me to be open. He really lives the saying, “You do You,” without judgement. If we all had his attitude, I believe there would be less bickering in the world.

In 2017 we welcomed into our family, my husbands daughter and her two beautiful daughters. Everyone has a story and a past. We chose how to deal with our when it finds us, because it always does. We are grateful for the chance to have them part of our family.

I write. I write what makes me happy, I write what makes me sad, and I write what makes me angry. It’s a place I can drift to when I don’t want to deal with the real world.

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